Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are we?

The North American Manipur Tribal Association (NAMTA) is a non-profit organization formed by North American immigrants from the hill-tribes of the north- eastern state of Manipur in India.   Learn more

2. Where is Manipur?

Manipur is a small Indian state that shares a border with Burma/Myanmar.

The state is 8621 sq mi, 700 sq mi of which is the oval-shaped valley. Naga and the Chin-Kuki-Mizos occupy the hill areas, while the dominant group Meiteis live in the valleys, including Imphal, the capital city. Major political, educational, economic, and media-related activities are concentrated in the city of Imphal. Please click here MANIPUR

3. What is happening in Manipur?

Ethnic clash since the 3rd of May, 2023. Years of the state government’s neglect and infringement upon tribal rights, disproportionate allocation of development funds and government schemes in tribal areas and the valley, state’s communal politics fueled the current situation. 
Thousands of homes, vehicles, churches, and businesses primarily belonging to the tribals in Imphal have been looted and torched. At the same time, the number of dead people continues to mount to over 70 at last count, and over 35000 people have been displaced from their homes.    The situation is dire for those impacted, and it is a humanitarian crisis that needs the world's attention. 

4. How can you help?

  • Please help us raise awareness of what the hill tribes of Manipur are going through. Get the word out so that the central government will be pressured to step in and stop the carnage.
  • Help us raise financial support as we reach out to the thousands of families who are now displaced and in need of temporary shelter and medical care and grieving the loss of their loved ones.
  • Donate to provide basic necessities, food, clothing, blankets, first aid kits.
  • Help in evacuation efforts of the displaced people.  
  • Advocate for international Aid, like RedCross, United Nations, and UNHCR.

4. How can I contact NAMTA?

Please email [email protected] and for press, cc [email protected]

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