This is a timeline of the recent events in Manipur India and other important historical events to enable a better understanding of the current situation. Please note, this is a work in progress. We are attempting to gather and verify accurate details. Mistakes will be made and we apologize for that in advance. Please bring any inaccuracies to our attention. Also, note that this is being gathered and maintained by volunteers who are also personally responding to the crisis where it impacts them and their families directly, while trying to attend to their work and family responsibilities at the same time.

May 3rd, 2023

10:30 AM – Churachandpur (Lamka) Peace rally started led by ATSUM (All Tribal Student Union of Manipur)

  02:00 PM – Meitei miscreants burned “Anglo Kuki War Memorial Gate” destroys stone inscription and burned houses in many villages       while inhabitants were away.

  02:30 PM – When rally attendees returned home they were ambushed by around 200 Meitei men claiming to be organized by “Meitei Leepun” and  killed one Tribal boy. It was later learned that, the group called “Arambai Tengol” plays a viral role in causing catastrophe and irreversible damages.

  03:00 PM – Churachandpur Police was made aware of the situation.

  03:30 PM – Angry Tribal mobs started torching nearby Meitei properties and housed in retaliation.

  06:00 PM – Meitei Mobs started retaliating on Tribal Civilians and Properties.

  08:30 PM – Curfew order under section-144 0f COCP 1973 announced by the Deputy Commissioner office for Kangvai, Tuiboung, and Lamka Sun-Division.

  08:40 Pm – Internet suspended for five days announced by the Commissioner Office.

  09:30 PM – Meitei mobs in Imphal began to burn selective Churches belonging to the Zo/Kuki communities and some Meitei Christian Churches.

  10:00 PM – Meitei mob enters Manipur University to man hunt Tribal Students and seize firearms.

  11:00 PM – Meitei mobs started burning tribal houses in and around Imphal City and lash upon Zo/Kuki civilians. Around 2000 Meitei volunteers started invading Tribal Villages near the Imphal region. Imphal Gun stores were looted and Manipur Police, VDF, Manipur Rifles and Sepoy Camp invaded by Meitei mob

May 4th, 2023

06:00 AM – Meitei civilians were escorted from hill areas by the Assam Rifles.

10:00 AM – Tribal civilians were escorted but were blocked by Meitei protestors and sent back to Imphal.

 11:00 AM – Mizoram CM appealed to CM Biren to address the urgent situation quickly.

01:20 PM – CM Biren released his appeal for peace on social media.

 03:20 PM – First Para military force arrived airport.

 03:30 PM – KSO Delhi along with all sister organizations staged a protest at Jantar Mantar.

 05:00 PM – The burning of churches/ houses  and attack on tribal civilians continued.

 06:00 PM – Pu K. Vanlalvena MP Mizoram writes to Amit Shah, Minister of Home Affairs, to  take immediate action.

 06:30 PM – Article 355 imposed.

 07:00 PM – Shoot at sight order by Commissioner (HOME).

 08:20 PM – KIM (Kuki Innpi Manipur) press release urging Kukis to maintain peace and restraint force.

08:30 PM – YMA Mizoram announced support of breathen in Manipur who are displaced.

09:00 PM – Pu Vungzagin Valte MLA attacked by Meitei mob after a meeting with CM.

09:40 PM – Appointment of Ashutosh Sinha (IPS), as operational commander, supervised by Kuldeep Singh retired IPS.

11:00 PM – Meitei mobs enters Women Police Station and seized weapons and ammunition.

11:50 PM – Raid of tribal villages lead by a group called ” Arambai tengngol” continues

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