Lives Lost & Injuries

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Lives Lost
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Houses Burned & Looted
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Churches Burned

Note: This list is being put together by volunteers. We continue to get data, and will be updating and improving the quality of the data everyday. There will be changes based on  validation as and when it happens.

Lives Lost


Note: We will post pictures only upon approval from their family 


S. No.NameAgeFatherMotherVillages/PlacesDetails
1CT/GD Chungkholen Haokip, 204 Cobra CRPFLhunjang ccpurShot Dead
2Mr. Alex21B.Phaicham,CCPUR
3Mr. Daniel Haokholet HaokipMr. (L) Jamkhothang HaokipChangpikot,CcpurShot Dead
4Mr. David HrangchalMr. Thanga HrangchalPherzawl
5Mr. Goulalsang27Mrs. GouzavungAttack and killed
6Mr. GoumangMr. GinminlunMonglenphai
7Mr. Hanglalmuan VaipheiMr. Thangpiang VaipheiThingkangphai, ccpur
8Mr. Haominlen30Mr. ThanglenLeimakhong
9Mr. Haominlen ChongloiMr. Seigin ChongloiLeimakhong Bazar
10Mr. Jamgoumang Baite19Mr. Chomkhijang BaiteB Phaicham, Ccpur
11Mr. Jamkhogin Baite38Mr. Paobul BaiteB Gosen, Ccpur
12Mr. Jamkholal Lhungdim2/16/89Mrs. Lhingneikim Khungdim Khongsai Veng ,CCPUR
13Mr. JanggoulalMr. ManglunChangpikot ,Ccpur
14Mr. Kamkhogin KipgenMr. Demmang KipgenS Toljang Village ccpur
15Mr. KamlalMr. LianzothangLeinuom Ccpur
16Mr. KamminlienMr. LunkhohaoVajing Ccpur
17Mr. Kamminlun Khongsai37B.Aizalon ,CCPUR
18Mr. Khaijamang HaokipMr. (L) Tinsei HaokipNomjang Village, ccpur
19Mr. Lalneo HaokipMr. (L) Khupneimang HaokipZoumunuam Village, ccpur
20Mr. Lalthang50-60Tangnuam Village (Near Ukhrul)Paralyzed burned to death
21Mr. Letminlal25Mr. T Jamlet HaokipMonglenphai,Ccpur
22Mr. Letminthang Haokip (Tax Assistant, Income Tax Dep. [GOI])ImphalBludgeoned to death
23Mr. Lhunminthang32Mr. PaoenBijang Ccpur
24Mr. LiangoumangMr. GinkhanmungCanan Veng,Ccpur
25Mr. Lunsanggou21Mr. LetthangGilgal,Ccpur
26Mr. Luntinlal Guite22Mr. Tongkholen GuiteNew Leikot,
27Mr. Malsawm26Mr. GanbelconNgathel Ccpur
28Mr. Mangtinlen Haokip20Mr. PaokhohangL Bolkot Ccpur
29Mr. Ngamgougin KipgenMr. Sehtinkhai KipgenLeikot Village, Kangpokpi
30Mr. Ngamthang Lhungdim1/24/82Mr. Holkhojang LhungdimKhongsai Veng Imphal
31Mr. Paokam50Mr. TonglunBijang Ccpur
32Mr. PaolienmangMr TongkholenBoljang Ccpur
33Mr. PauliansumTiddim Road,CCPUR
34Mr. S Nehminlun HaokipMr. NehkhojaangA Lhunkhojaang Village, KPI District
35Mr. Sehkhohao KipgenMr. (L) Ngulkhokam KipgenK Phaijang, Ccpur
36Mr. Siemcha Gangte43Mr.Lamjathang GangteGame Village, Imphal
37Mr. Soitinkam Vaiphei55Phowaibi VillageBludgeoned to death
38Mr. Thangginlun16Mr. Kaikam LuphengShot Dead
39Mr. ThanghoulalMr. (L) ThongkhohauSimveng, CcpurBludgeoned to death
40Mr. ThangzachinMr. HaukhanpiangNunchinkap Veng,CCPUR
41Mr. ThangzalunMr. SholetZomi Colony,CCPUR
42Mr. Thiandam50-60Pheitaiching,KANGPOKPI
43Mr. TongminthangMr. PaokholienKangvai, Ccpur
44Mrs. Gouzavung57
45Mrs. KimmalsawmMr. KhaithianbelVaal Veng, Ngathal,CCPUR
46Ms. Lamminchong KipgenKangchup,KANGPOKPI
47Ms. Moikhenmung18
48Ms. Nengkholun15Phowaibi Village,KANGPOKPI
49Ms. Nianghoihching34Mr. KapzalunSimveng, Ccpur
50Mr. LalthangsangMualkoi Gangpimual,Ccpur
51Mr.KamlallianKangvai, Ccpur
52Khuplunthang NOMJANG Village, ccpur
53Mr.ChuonkholenLhunjang ,CCPUR
54Mr.ThenminlalDopkon ,CcpurShot Dead
58 Mr.DallamthangAwnkap Veng,Ccpur
59 Mr.Satgoukai SingsitMr.Kamtinthang Singsit Khengjang ,Kangpokpi 
60Mr.Thangminhao Haokip 28Mr.Paolet HaokipChavangphai,MOREH
61Mr.Thanggoulun Zou16Mr.Lalminlen ZouChavangphai,MOREH
62Mr.Thongjathang Haokip 36Mr.Paothang Haokip Chavangphai,MOREH
63Mr.Ngampao LhungdimMr.Sothang LhungdimN.Heikon Village Island Block KANGPOKPI DIST
64Mr.Khailam HaokipMr.Haokhopao HaokipN.Terakhong Village Kangpokpi
65Mr.Thanglenmang KhongsaiMr.Haokhopao KhongsaiChaningpokpi Village Kangpokpi
66Mr.Paobul Haokip Mr.Sokholun Haokip Govajang ,Saikul,Kangpokpi Dist
67Ms.Olivia Lhingneithem Chongloi20Mr. Luis Paolen ChongloiH.khopibung Saikul,Kangpokpi DistRaped & Bludgeond to death
68Ms.Florence Nengpichong Hangshing20Amos Paotinthang Hangnshing H.khopibungH.khopibung Saikul,Kangpokpi DistRaped & Bludgeond to death
69Mr.James Langol ,IMPHALBludgeond to death
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