Vungthianching’s story

Vungthianching, Imphal

  1. What are the circumstances under which you arrived at the camp? On what date? How long were you at the camp? 

(Bang chidan a camp tan tung? Bangcik ni a? Ni bangzah sung om?)

We arrived at the camp completely exhausted, mentally and physically around 3 am, with no belongings and full of fear on the 3rd of May, late at night on the same day we were attacked. I was at the camp for 2 days and 2 nights.

  1. What were you able to bring with you to the camp and what did you leave behind at home? Do you know/describe the current state of your home?

(Camp ah bang teng toi lut man? Bang teng inn ah nusia?)

We weren’t able to take anything to the camp/ pick up anything from the house. We left all of our belongings at home as we had to run away as soon as possible to save our lives, as that was the only thing on our mind at the time. Yes, they looted all of our belongings and then burnt our house thrice. 

  1. Were you together with your family at the same camp, or have you been separated; if so, do you know what their current situation is?  

(Na inn dinmun na thei hia [ki haal/ding lai]? Na sung te toh camp ah na omkhawm uh hia, ahih kei leh na kikhen kha uhia; amau dinmun na thei hia?)

By God’s grace, I was at the same camp with my family, we did not get separated.

  1. Were you provided with food and drinks at the camp? Was there sufficient food and drinks for all? 

(Nek leh dawn di camp ah hon pia uhia? Kidaih vek hia?)

Yes, We were provided with very insufficient and barely edible foods and drinks at the camp. 

  1. Approximately how many people were there at the camp? Were you able to sleep? How safe did you feel at the camp?

(Mi bangzah vel camp ah a om di uh? Imut theih na cit a hi hia? Camp ah na omlai in na lung a muang thei hia?)

There were approximately 1-2k people at our camp. No, I was not able to sleep as they put us up in a badminton court which was very stuffy and tight. I did not feel safe at all at the camp. There was constant news that we might even get attacked/ambushed by the mobs even in the camps and a lot of mass hysteria. It was all about getting ready to flee every minute and trying our best to make it alive each night. 

  1. Do you or your family know of anyone who has been injured or killed? 

(Nang leh na sungkuan ten na mi theih uh a liam leh si a omkha hia?)

Yes we do, some from our own family were attacked by the mob as they ran out when they tried to burn down their house. And a few people we personally know were also killed by the mob. 

  1. Can you describe how you got from the camp to (Delhi)? Did you face any dangers along the way? 

(Camp apan hiai mun non tung dan non gen thei diam? Lamkal ah buaina tuah khak na nei hia?

We managed to get to the airport from the camp as the Assam Rifles escorted us. There was no way anybody could reach the airport without escorts as there were a lot of instances of mob attacks . We did not face any such danger but just the constant fear and anxiety if any mob would attack us or if we would make it safely .

Vungthianching’s story

Vung Hangzo

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