The Inevitable Split

The Inevitable Split Download Link  Public-THE INEVITABLE SPLIT VOL 1 ZSF-KSO

A 100 page detailed account of the state sponsored ethnic cleansing in Manipur, India 2023. 

Compiled and Published by Zomi Students Federation (ZSF) and Kuki Students Organization (KSO) at Lamka. 

The Inevitable Split


3 thoughts on “The Inevitable Split

  1. For the last 6 decades the Kuki people have been steadily moving into established Meitei valley lands. By the 1960 Census of India the population of Kukis in Manipur was only 19%, by 2011 it had exploded to 41% with corresponding reduction in Meitei share. Clearly there is some movement going on. Can the newly created NAMTA in the Bay Atea explain that ? Are they open to an academic quality data based discussion on this very contentious topic. Let us not forget that stability & peace comes only from truth and Justice.

    1. Dr Gupta I’m not NAMTA but I can add some color as a fellow Indian. The Kuki-zo people move to Imphal valley gradually because all successive state governments have been pouring all funding into the valley. Jobs, offices, hospitals, universities are all concentrated in Imphal, and Churachandpur has no opportunities and remains underdeveloped. Also Imphal is the state capital, not “meitei lands”

      I would certainly welcome a fully rigorous academic research on this topic. It will show that the Meiteis have been systematically bullying the kukis similar to how the mainland Indians(and center) have been bullying the North East states. Bullying by legislative means, by ignoring development, withholding funds and so on. The only thing that the Kukis do have left are their tribal indigenous lands and their constitutionally guaranteed Scheduled Tribe status.

      1. Dr Gupta please fact check details about the % you are talking about through Journalist Karan Thapar , he was the only one that stands for the truth for the oppressed kuki while Meiteis were controlling all other Medias and journalists within and outer Manipur ,This Meiteis will justify themselves no matter what, but you should check and examine whether its true or right , as you alrady said justice will prevail only through the truth .

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